Legal Information

The following information is provided to inform potential share purchasers of the legal requirements involved in a share purchase.

We think that living in a community is primarily about people, and to make sure that you want to be one of us, potential buyers must meet existing resident shareholders. We think is in both your interest and ours, as different people have different expectations of living in a community.

Potential buyers do need to spend some time walking the property, visiting shareholders informally and becoming acquainted with the way the Company operates.

Please note that the selling price is determined solely by the seller, ie shareholder, and that the Company in no way regulates the selling price of shareholdings. Price is based on the value of improvements (ie dwelling, other buildings, tanks, dams, gardens etc) against relative freehold market value. Australian financial institutions will also not offer home loan against purchases of shares in a company, so interested buyers must be able to raise private equity to buy a shareholding.

You can only become a shareholder in the Company and be licensed to occupy a shareholding after the secretary and Directors are satisfied conditions have been met. A two-thirds majority approval must be given by all resident shareholders.

We welcome new residents with fresh ideas and an appreciation of our wonderful environment.